Small update.

I'm not sure if I want to continue with this journal anymore.
Right now I'm living in England with my wonderful boyfriend, Mark.
The truth is that I'm homeless in Sweden and I'm gonna move in with
Mark this year anyway so we're on trial.
I've been here a month now, I stayed for a month last time and I went
back to Stockholm for two weeks to sort things out, seems that I can't
live without him.
I got so much help from my friends during the two weeks I was "home".
When you're in need you get to know who your real friends are.

And I got sad news, Pixi is not my baby anymore...

Now I'm gonna go down stairs and make some oat meal.

I'm so lucky that he's mine.
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Before I went out and celebrated my 27th birthday December 5th.
I love wigs!

Gut Shabes!
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Rascal's Chanukkah tree!

This might sound weird but this yid wanna buy a red x-mas tree
and decorate it with my pinup balls, small plastic dreidels, colorful
lights, pop-corn strings and a glittery Magen David in the top!
The thing is that I won't be home for neither Chanukkah or Christmas.
Should I do it anyway?

Uhm... Pixi might wanna eat the pop-corn... Bad idea!

Tomorrow's my 27th birthday.
Got two packages by the mail today but I'm gonna be a good girl
and wait till tomorrow!
I have been busy baking and cooking all day.
Gonna celebrate my birthday with Missy at TGI Friday's,
might sound decadent but their strawberry daiquiris is divine!
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So you think I'm nuts?!

I read an column in the news paper Metro that made me really upset!
A Danish Qur'an school is teaching their students that Jews must die
so there can be peace in the middle east!
I quote;
"There will be no peace before all Jews are put in coffins."
In one of their books they also say that Jews and nazis are equal.
(The column doesn't say how).

And people think I'm nut's for being pro-Israel...
Hey! I'm not the one that goes around wishing that people were dead
for having other religious beliefs than me!!!
You can be pro-Israel and not believe in war!

My earrings say's it all!

Sources: Metro and Jyllands-Posten
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